Statistics indicate that femicides continue to rise - El Liberal

2022-07-05 11:42:37 By : Ms. sales xinyue

Unfortunately, femicides are increasing throughout our country.National statistics indicate this.As reported by the Observatory of Women of the Latin American Motherland (Mumala), so far at the beginning of 2022 in Santiago del Estero there have been 10 femicides: there are six direct femicides and four linked.The first murder was January 14.Antonio el “Loco” Jiménez stabbed Rita Daiana Chazarreta to death, in front of her 5-year-old son, on National Route 9 and Diaguitas, in front of the René Favaloro neighborhood.On January 23, during the early hours of the morning, Romilda Corbalán was stabbed to death by her partner, a hippy mechanic from Buenos Aires who also suffocated his two young children and later asked to borrow a shotgun and literally “blew off” his head with a gunshot. the interior of a car, in Weisburd, Moreno.On February 27, Gladys Norma Gerez, (83) was admitted to the Banda Health Center without life.The woman had injuries to her body.Her son was arrested accused of attacking her with blows and causing her death.A little over a month later, already on March 9, Milady Herrera (24) was killed by her ex-boyfriend Nicolás Gómez (20), after intercepting her at her house in the town of Garza, where he stabbed her in various parts of the body.On Monday, April 25, Maira Alejandra Soria was murdered in the Bº Menéndez de La Banda by her former partner Pablo Adrián Centeno.The latest in PoliticsThe latest in economicsThe latest from country© EL LIBERAL SA (see mobile version) Editorial Director: Lic. Gustavo Eduardo Ick Santiago del Estero / Argentine Republic